“#1 Photography Blog In The World” Selects Through Harold’s Lens Photograph

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

“Sunrise Over The Serengeti.

In this large 12,000 square mile ecosystem region in Africa, sometimes it pays to get out of your cot in the dark of the cool early morning. Walk quietly out of your tent onto the Serengeti. Hope the lions don’t see or smell you. Set up your tripod. Have some fun.

The Guides were sound asleep.

The pure quiet of the dark.

The sneak of rich oranges and blues beginning to peak through the black.

Deadly hungry meat eaters could be lurking around.

My senses were on edge.

I did not hurry.

I made no noise as I set up my tripod and mounted my Nikon.

I took many images as the dawn colors progressed.

Selected as the image of the day by PhotoBotos.com, the #1 featured Photographer Blog on the web.

18 responses

    • Thank you. Quite a little bit of a scary morning. Not so sure I would do it again. If the Guides knew I was going to do it, they would have said “no”, and one of them would have been posted outside my tent all night with a high-powered rifle.


      • Oh I bet…every other year I head up Colorado and do some hiking up there in late summer and we always concerned about bears, but Lions (shiver), I bet that kicks it up a notch on the nervous scale.


    • Thank you. I loved creating this image, even though I had a bit of anxiety about being way out there in the dark, not knowing if there were any lions following me, and with everyone else asleep in the campsite.


    • Malina, first thank you for your nice comments. Keeps the trigger finger working. I look forward to seeing your images on your blog from East Africa. Tanzania, the look, the feel, the culture, the warmth and love of the people were stunning. Keep your camera on your hip. After all, you will always see a terrific moment when you do not have your camera.


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