“Our Beauty”

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

I find it absolutely amazing that these Maasai women can create all of this beautiful jewelry out in the middle of the Serengeti, living in mud huts, surrounded by a very large thorn bush fence to protect them from the wild lions. And, these very small villages have absolutely no utilities.

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  1. Beautiful capture. ūüôā The colors of the jewelry represent marital status too, I believe. I remember the big, white collar type of beadwork having to do with marriage. It is quite unique, and I ended up with a small collection as well. Also – I asked around about the keys they wear around their necks. Even though they don’t have traditional doors like us, they do have entrances to their homes and they paddle lock them. I didn’t recall seeing any doors, but my friends in Tanzania insisted they are there.


    • Jolene, thanks for the info on the keys. That helps complete the story of the image. I agree. The collar beadwork is stunning. We have used ours as wall artwork and as dining table decorations for a party.


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