TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

Slowly our Land Rover rolled down the dusty dirt road through the Serengeti of Maasai country. As we were meandering around a curve I spotted a herd of sheep and goats.

Then I looked behind them.

Spotting this little Maasai carrying the baby lamb all alone on the veld I called “halt”.

Leaping from the Land Rover, I ran about 10 yards, kneeled down and fired my Nikon.

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    • Thank you. Out in the wild. Always looking. Always listening. Always protecting. At a very young age, she is in charge of protecting the family’s food bin. Life is always a challenge out of the wild veld.


    • Memo, thanks for your comments. Before the crop, there is actually more to the shot including two of the goat’s legs all the way to the hoofs. I originally had it cropped that way but somehow I felt I lost the up close/personal/warm/fuzzy feeling of the image.


  1. This is only one wonderful shot of a magnificent and beautiful people. You have so many others. I like your composition very much, having looked through some of your pages. Your love of photography shines through your work. Thanks for the follow!


    • Thank you very much for your nice comments. I absolutely love photography and always have. For years I was out of it. Then my daughters bought me my first digital camera and soon I was off again. Good thing too. I shoot so many images that I would go broke using film.


  2. I thank all of you for ‘Liking’ another one of my images in my new series “The Maasai”. I love exploring the more personal side of this rich and warm tribal culture. I truly appreciate your companionship as you travel with me on this African journey through my lens.


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