“Sunset Over The Serengeti”

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

“Nowhere in the world do you find sunsets like in Africa.The crimson is deeper, the blue more brilliant and the purple hues appear in sequential shades that seem that seem impossible. Even if the colours don’t fascinate you, the atmosphere will dazzle even the most blunted soul”.

Imagine: Africa! by Amos van der Merwe. Blog: http://rolbos.wordpress.com

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    • Amos, you are welcome. As a side note, yesterday I was seated next to a young lady at a dinner party. Somehow our conversation turned to “Through Harold’s Lens”. Then it turned again as I told her about the delightful and insightful writings about Africa by a man named Amos van der Merwe. Later she found your Blog. This morning I received an email from her and it said: “And you were right about Amos van der Merwe…Jane”


  1. I would have to agree with you. There was the most lovely sunset one evening in Tanzania, and a bunch of us Americans were snapping photos (it was fantastic – acacia tree in the foreground and everything) and one of the local women says to us, very seriously, “Don’t you have sunsets in America??” Not like that we don’t! Beautiful photo, Harold. 🙂


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