“Hands That Herd”

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

What I think is amazing about these hands are the numerous age lines and the texture. I found these hands out on the Serengeti. They belong to a Maasai warrior to be who had been herding his tribe’s cattle all of his life.

He was only 15.

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    • Thank you Vivien. Yes, it is really a treat for me to explore our world as much as I can. Trying to capture cultures, or parts of cultures, is fun. I just loved the Maasai. I would love to spend a week or two living with the Maasai in their village doing what they do and eating, drinking what they eat/drink. Mr. SLR Nikon would go crazy.


  1. I would never think of taking a picture of just a persons hands, but I see the whole story unfolding in your shot. Beautiful. Looks like the hands of a gentle human being the way they rest on his walking stick.


  2. Love the adornment – the copper rings and ochre hand rub. it’s a great image that speaks volumes about his short life! But I have to admit, MY hands are screaming out for moisture when i look at his, parched and aged before his time by hard work and his environment.


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