“My Cute Maasai”

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

This little Maasai is a cute story.

After I took this photo, he followed me everywhere in the Maasai village out on the Serengeti. I asked my Maasai guide about him. He said he loved my camera. The Maasai see mostly small point & shoot cameras. Mine is an SLR with a large lens. I shot a few more images of him. Then hung the camera strap over his neck and showed him how to click the shutter and shoot. Wow! All his buddies came over and he photographed all of them.

Fun for him! Fun for me! Great memories for both!

6 responses

  1. What a beautiful moment in life 🙂 the wonder and curiosity of children is so very special … Its as if you can see what this child sees through his eyes 🙂


    • Evarel, there were kids smiling all over the Maasai village as my little guy came to them lugging my huge camera and lens that was heavily hanging around his neck. The end of the lens came to his knees. You know…those ear to ear kid of smiles. I had one too! Good stuff!


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