“Rings Of Regal Attire”

Rings Of Regal Attire. The Maasai.
TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

Out on the Serengeti, I found the draping of the Maasai beaded jewelry to be works of art.

Dressed in red sheets, (shuka), wrapped around their bodies with loads of beaded jewelry placed around their necks and arms, their appearance was one of regality. The beaded jewelry is worn by both men and women and may vary in color depending on the occasion.

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    • You are welcome Pat. Whenever I think of my times with the Maasai, my memory bank goes into overdrive with love, laughter, music, family life and a unique cultural experience that I hope future generations will be able to enjoy as I did.


  1. Harold, I love these Maasai photographs! I’ve done some time in Kenya and have see the Maasai but never like you’ve captured them with your camera. These are truly fantastic.


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