“Ring Of Thorns”

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

550 Pounds Of Hungry Meat Eating Beast.

4’ feet high.

8’ feet long.

Kills by strangulation.

Eats 15’ pounds of raw meat a day.

Stalks your livestock and family outside the open door of your hut every night.

You protect yourself from the Lion with what nature provides. Cutting branches from acacia trees, with their 3” long thorns that do not bend, the Maasai weave a 6’ tall thorn fence around their villages on the Serengeti.

4 responses

  1. Another ethical problem. Masai need protection. Predators need food. However does the Great Cat choose.

    I’m glad I’m a smug well cared for domestic cat and don’t have to worry about such things.


    • I guess the Great Cat will choose for survival at all costs. Where he finds it???? I agree, after confronting a few of these beautiful but very powerful beasts, cuddling up with my pup is nice.


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