“Peace On Earth”

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

Out on the Serengeti, the innocence of a little child wrapped in the warm, protective, loving arms of his mother is a universal symbol of a need for peace around our beautiful world.

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  1. The colors!! Harold, Attached Parenting is a modeling of child-rearing very big on baby-wearing. That is something….to see Africans across the ocean wear their babes like we do. And their cloth is stunning. So much…MoRe went into it than what Americans produce in factories. I also read years back that the Maasai bleed their cows (to drink) and are therefore are a very healthy people. Are you familiar with this? I’d never seen what they look or dress like. Coooool.


    • Thank you Holistic. To me, a child should be carried next to the beating heart and not on the parent’s back in a backpack. I believe so many emotional needs are transferred that way. Yes, the colors produced by the Maasai in their clothing and jewelry is stunning. It is what drew my eye in the first place. Then I got attracted to the lifestyle and details of their culture. I knew about the Maasai bleeding their cows to drink the blood, but I did not see it. It makes me feel good that I was able to transport you into the lifestyle of the Maasai.


    • Thanks Hugs. I love the eyes too. What first drew my eyes to the scene were the beautiful arms wrapped around the child. Then the baby made a few eye movements from closing to looking around and I was clicking all the time hoping to get one.


  2. Thank you Amos. Where does the wonder go? Sad how some folks just never get it back. I seemed to have gained it back when I started exploring other cultures with my camera. I think you did the same thing when you picked up your pen.


  3. The almost-furtive look in the child’s eyes … it’s a haunting reminder of the sense of wonder we lose in life. A photograph full of quiet emotion – and even the flies suggest a sense of resigned acceptance. Thanks for painting a 1000 words with one picture..


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