“Goodbye My Friends”

TANZANIA Through Harold’s Lens:

It is with tear drops and sadness that today I am saying goodbye to my dear friends the Maasai.

Over the past two months, they given me their trust and love and allowed my lens to take an intimate journey into their lifestyle, challenges, passions and sadnesses.

My journey through our rich world must continue.

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed our jaunt into the up close and personal life of this very special African culture.

In January, we embark again.

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  1. I almost think you saved the best for last Harold! This photo is spectacular and I love it! Where are you off to next? I’m actually heading south to Honduras on Saturday for a volunteer trip. Really looking forward to checking it out! Happy New Year and wishing you the best in 2


    • Thank you Jeanette. I truly appreciate your comments and support of Through Harold’s Lens. I have not forgotten your “sussie” to me. We will embark on our journey of the world again in January. Thanks again. Harold


    • Good morning sonia. Thank you for your nice comments. I appreciate them. Kind of keep the camera clicking finger warmed up. Sue is fun!!! Hope you have a very happy and healthy New Year. Thanks again. Harold


    • Leahhere, I am taken by wonderful surprise for you nominating Through Harold’s Lens for an Adventurous Blogger Award. I did not even realize that WordPress had awards when I started this blog on September 1 of this year. Thank you for your love and confidence in what I am doing to nominate me. May you and your family have a very happy and healthy New Year.


    • Tiny thank you. I appreciate your appreciation of my images. The “jump dance” is famous with the Maasai. I really enjoyed taking images of that dance. To the surprise of the “jumpers”, I actually laid in the dirt in the village to try to capture the magic of the jumps from a low perspective. My photographic journey to another part of the world will continue soon. I sincerely hope that you are coming along. Maybe, someday, Through Harold’s Lens will return to the villages of the Maasai.


    • Dear Bupe…it has been a wonderful journey that I thoroughly enjoyed, thanks to bloggers like you. Someday I shall return for their is so much more of beautiful Africa to explore from the top to the tip. But, for now I must leave the comfort of my Maasai nest, spread my wings and venture forth. Hope to see you when I land again. Harold


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