“The Story?”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

So What Is Your Story Here?

A husband surprised by the appearance of his wife?

The husband covering his inebriated woman’s face?

Maybe a sister who thinks her brother is goofy?

The clue
His right hand.

The fun continues…only in Buenos Aires!

13 responses

  1. Great piece…What really intrigued me about this picture was the camera angle. In my school presently we are learning about film, camera angles, etc. So, it was actually cool to see this picture, with great lighting, highlighted smiles and excitement on the faces of the people. Great picture and writing. Oh and thank you for following me! I really appreciate.


    • Great guess LuAnn.. the woman is a mannequin that the man dances with around and through crowds of people. Then his begins to interact with various individuals from the crowd drawing tons of laughter. Hoot to watch.


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