ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Feel the energy!

Sense the style!
Grasp the colors!

Sway to the rhythms!

Ahead of you
Behind you
Under you
Over you

Magical Buenos Aires.

10 responses

      • HAaaa, sorry Harold…..I was quoting ‘Laugh-In’. An off-beat American TV show from the late 60’s early 70’s….Goldie Hawn got started on that show as a go-go girl……lot’s of psychedelic art on stage and on bikini clad bodies. The whole country was saying “how sweet it is” and “you bet your sweet bippie”….LOL


    • Thank you Amos. Coming from my favorite “Master Storyteller”, that is a very nice comment. FYI, my wife Rita is now reading your terrific book Imagine! Africa on her Kindle. She is loving it. She said, “I feel like I am back at the campfire on one of our Safaris”. I laughed. Told her I said the same thing to you. So now, every night we both are reading your creative writings.


  1. Judi, I found it amazing how very vibrant BA is. Everything becomes a vehicle for design. Buildings, walls, roads, sidewalks, transportation vehicles…you name it the artists of BA have been there. The messages are amazing!


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