ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Never know!

Who cares!

In the middle of the San Telmo neighborhood, sitting in the middle of the street, dressed to the hilt, smothered in white powder, he remained stone motionless. A full tin cup of pesos by his side.

Many tried to get him to move, wiggle or blink.

I wondered how he emptied the tin cup.

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      • Right. Hmmmm, I thought that part about the Bond girl was an urban legend…guess I’ll have to look it up in snopes.com or The Straight Dope column. They usually separate fact from recurring internet fiction pretty well!


      • Sarah, you were right. I stand corrected. Shirley Eaton. the actress who played the gold covered secretary in James Bond’s Goldfinger, did not die or even become ill as a result of her Goldfinger experience – she made a few more films before retiring from acting to spend time with her family.


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