“Marriage Rule #14”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

“Where have you been my loving husband to be?

I’ve been waiting here in the hot sun for over two hours”, Sofia angrily said.

“This is the 7th time you have done this to me!”.

Nicolás paused.

Slurred out “well, ah, ah ah I saw Javier as I was walking over here. The Boca Juniors were playing ball on the tv at the Bottle Bar. Javier is my Best Man so I thought we could spend some time together watching the Juniors”.

Sofia responded, “I had my cell, you could have called me.”

Sheepishly, he mumbled “I did not think of that”.

My Female Bloggers, perhaps you would like to finish the story in Comments:

11 responses

  1. “Well Nicolas, the jokes on you,” said Sofia. “Javier is a secret agent, and this cigarette is actually a homing device… the Feds will be here any minute, and there’s nowhere for you to run!”


    • Thank you. Kind of fun allowing my family of bloggers to add their Swan Song at the end. They all did it in unique, different ways. But all had a common solution…Nicolás, you are out of Sophie’s life. That was my solution also.


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