“Really My Dear!”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

About the personal and private affairs of others
Has been going on
For centuries.

5 responses

  1. It is a sin by the way. I thought it was just a “harmless” social gathering and activity. I became a believer and i still gossiped. When I mature with the Lord, my sisters and I made a conscious effort to avoid joining, initiating,hearing. Rule of thumb, if the person is not present we don’t talk about him/her. Listening is as bad as talking. Going to the source to confirm something is always better. Probing for something not readily available is being nosy and can lead to something nasty.


    • Unfortunately prodigal, it’s a national pastime around the world. And, it’s sad. Just think of the dear friendships that have been torn apart because a person opened their mouth in an improper way. Or the families that have been distanced for the same thing. Corporations use it to spread a bad word, depress a stock or steal a client. All I have to do is just think of some of my friends who do not speak anymore, and I know why.


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