“What’s Up?”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:


Streets are closed to auto traffic in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo.

It’s a bizarre time!

Artisans, musicians, street performers and antique vendors from near and far are here to share their treasures and their talents with the public.

People of all nationalities are wandering, walking, strolling, gawking. It’s a unique and alluring experience.

Over here, there’s something weird happening.

Over there, what is that woman doing?

Where’s the reggae music coming from?

Sundays in San Telmo just go with the flow.

14 responses

  1. Hi Harold. I especially am drawn to this photo as Stan and I are taking a ballroom dancing class. Though this is not a dancing photo….it does remind me of the way our feet criss crossed last night. 🙂 Again, enjoying your work. 🙂 Best!


  2. Those shoes! Hours and hours of dancing, practising, dancing again. Getting the feeling, the feet right. Trusting a partner. Dressing – just right – to capture the emotion. And then, his laces tied tightly wanting to make sure…and hers flapping around, telling him to relax, it’s ok. Love it!


    • Hey Boom, I think you may have it. But for me, the photographer who took the shot, I am still trying to figure how one person has three feet and three legs of grey pants and there is only one red leg.


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