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ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

After years of hugging the horn of a sweaty leather saddle, dust, dirt, grass, sand and roping the thick necks of bulls on the rich Argentina plain known as La Pampas, the Gaucho’s dear old weathered friend comes home to rest at the end of the ride.

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      • I live in Minneapolis…..much colder!!! I bet Mexico is fabulous! I love the culture, food and heat! My favorite place is Puerta Vallarta. Lovely. Never been to San Miguel de Allende. Where is it located? Do you speak Spanish fluently?


      • San Miguel de Allende is about 150 miles Northwest of Mexico City and is about 6,500 feet up in the Sierra Madre Mountains. Cobblestone streets and multi-colored buildings swim through the town. San Miguel is very often written up in magazines and newspapers as one of the best places to live in the world.
        Life here in San Miguel is full of sunshine and blue skies, dry air (about 30% humidity) and a year around temperature range between 55-75 degrees. It is a town very rich in cultural activities…the arts, music of all types, etc. There are artists, writers, photographers, musicians everywhere from all over the world. Excellent restaurants abound. There is a quite large (about 3,500) American community that lives here year around. This balloons to about 5,000 during February and March when the snowbirds come down. The town balloons again in July and August when individuals from the sunbelt of Texas, Arkansas, etc. come to escape the humidity. I speak some Spanish. My wife is very fluent.


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