“What The Hell Is This?”

ARGENTINA. Through Harold’s Lens:

The 82-year old retired language Professor folded his Buenos Aires Herald to Page 6.

Staring quizzically at the headline he mumbled “what is this?

Headline: AISI by Rodrigo Fernandez.


Paragraph 2 (Translation): “As I See It by Rodrigo Fernandez. In my considered opinion, any day now, people will put their mind in gear before opening mouth. Know what I mean? Things are really fouled up. What do you think? Talk to you later. Face to face is best”.

Frowning, the old man muttered “has today’s generation lost their ability to talk to each other face to face?

You know, it happened to math skills when calculators came out. Bummer!

Nothing like the romance and imagination that comes from flowing Spanish words printed on newsprint that I can smell, crinkle, linger over and fold with my hands.”

15 responses

    • I gravitate towards it. What a thrill to hold, smell, smudge the ink sometimes, flip through sections, set sections on the floor besides your seat to enjoy in a moment. This, and much more, does not happen when I read the news with the computers and Kindles of the world.


    • Boom…you hit the nail on the head. I get so sick of seeing folks texting their way through their life that I could grab them by the collar and shake them up. Wake up. See what is around you. Smell the roses. Enjoy the pleasure of chatting with another person.


    • Boom, neat idea I heard about. Have you ever gone out to dinner with a few couples and watched them all checking their Smartphones and texting? I have. Solution: Everyone puts their Smartphone in a stack in the center of the table. The first one to pick up their Smartphone, pays the dinner bill for all. That stops it!


      • HA, that is a good idea Harold. It’s not a issue with our crowd but I sure see a lot of couples barely conversion because they’re on the phone. A week ago we were at a restaurant when a single lady sat down, immediately got out her phone and broadcasting her call to the other patrons. Maddening. She was oblivious to how she was affecting others, or just didn’t care. Sad.


    • Angeline, I know how you feel. Living here in Mexico, I miss my New York Times. Feeling the weight of the paper. Smelling the ink and the newsprint. Going through section after section. Lingering. Thinking. Enjoying all over a steaming hot cup of coffee. It’s not the same reading it on my computer.


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