“Rowdy Old Bottle Bar”

ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

The joint’s been quiet for 3 hours.

Exit was an inebriated mass.

Sloshes of beer lay soaked in mops
Old oak tables upturned
Broken chairs stacked in trash cans
Sharp broken glass swept into dust pans
Whift of rancid sweat hung in the corners
The stink of warm booze hung everywhere.

14 large screen tv’s
All black.

Boca Juniors victory in futbol
Only matched by its raucous fans.

As Argentina’s most internationally famous professional team, the team’s fame is matched by its rowdy fans. At La Bombonera stadium these crazy Boca Fans are nicknamed La Doce. The 12th player because of their loud and distracting presence.

The large fan base of these hooligans number 60,000+. There are only 49,000 seats in the famed La Bombonera stadium.

On game day, thousands of energetic La Doce pour into bars. The bars pour back. Chants echo off walls. Drums pound. Flags wave. Packed bars going bananas.

It’s Boca Juniors game day!

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    • Amos, it’s in the air heading for Rolbos. Argentine Airlines is jetting over a large cooler of ice smothering a case of Argentina’s best beer, Araucana Rojiza Fuerte. It’s my gift for all the characters at Boggel’s Place: Gertruida, Kleinpiet, Oudoom, Precilla, Servaas, Sammie, Sersant Dreyer, Lucinda Verdana, Judge Gericke and Nelson Kruiper. Make sure my buddy Vetfaan saves a bottle or two for Fanny’s return.


      • “He sips the new beer Boggel pushes over the counter and smacks his lips.” Sounds like the caps on the tops of the Argentina brew are going fast. Argentina Airlines is waiting on the tarmac for when my buds at the bar need more.


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