ARGENTINA Through Harold’s Lens:

Bang. Bang. Bang. Pause.
Pounding noise awakens me
Old weathered garage wall shakes
Boy is only a dozen years old
He’s working between the studs.


Dad’s big, heavy hammer
Among two family cars.

Bang Bang. Bang. Pause.
There’s hundreds of them
All four walls
Floor to ceiling.

Bang. Bang. Bang. Pause.
“Why does he do that?”
“Collect those old hammered metal license plates?”

Bang. Bang. Bang. Pause.
“Is it the crazy names and numbers”?
BJ 777

Bang. Bang. Bang. Pause.
“Does he want names from the 48”?
New York
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Bang. Bang. Bang. Pause.
“Maybe he’s collecting special old years”?

Bang. Bang. Bang. Pause.
“That must be it”
“My brother Chip Green likes old things

He has a deep passion
Old cars
Iron resting on rubber
Classic look

A rusted old hand painted license plate from Buenos Aires rekindles another memory from when I was 10-years old.

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    • Hi Hugs. A very sincere thank you for nominating me. You are so very thoughtful. It really is kind of neat how a family evolves out of the Through Harold’s Lens that I started in September 2012. Of course I do the awards. I just do it a bit differently. You can find my awards on “About Harold”. I find it cute that a blogger named “Hugs”, is nominated for the “Feel The Love Award”. Thanks again, Harold


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