“Angry Protest”


Through Harold’s Lens:

“Get out now!”
“Get out now!”
“Get out now!”

Saturday morning
Roaring rhythm
Angry, swelling crowd screaming.

“Get out now!”

Crowd storms down chic street
Upmarket Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. Palermo Chico.

“Get out now!”

Stretching from curb to curb
Parking meter to parking meter.

“Get out now!”

Hundreds of signs
Mean words
Hastily scribbled
Red and black ink
Hands gripping long wooden sticks.

“Get out now!”

Surging crowd overflowing onto beautifully landscaped yards.

“We live here!”.
“Get out now!”

It happened overnight
Hunkered in.

Big colored booths
Loud colors
Flashing lights
Peddlers hawking wares.

Cheap merchandise
Loud music
Stinky greasy food cooking
Stretching for five blocks.

“Get out now!”

Police arrive
No licenses
Vendors out.

Three hours later
All calm
Trash wrappers litter lawns
Protest signs in trash cans
Neighbors once again gossiping.

Peace returns to the valley.

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