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      • thirdeye… happy you are enjoying my “Sensuality Of The Tango” series. It’s very hard to decide what images to post each day. I have over 650 images, just from this dance alone. My goal when I saw the dance was coming, was to photograph, up close and personal, the various elements and body movements of the tango that make it so sexy. I think I got a bit more than I bargained for. A treat!!!


  2. i remember seeing several of your dancing photos during our seminar and was so impressed with them. Great seeing these…..i don’t think these were among the ones i saw before. As usual….wonderful job of storytelling with your camera. Hey to Rita. terry


    • Thank you Terry. Yes, I presented one image from my Sensuous Tango series at the seminar. I have not posted that yet to my blog as a part of the series. I will in a few days. Re my talking camera, I think it may be time to take a break when I have Nikon chatting with me as I shoot. So, off next week to the Amalfi Coast. Rita sends her best.


  3. Hand reaching out. Curve of the back tantalisingly close. Oh, for the exquisite pleasure of touching, feeling, drawing nearer. The dream of another hand, seeking blindly in space and then maybe, just maybe, the legs and the feet responding to complete the desire of being together – even if only for a second – before life dances them away on separate melodies.
    Great sequence, Harold. As always…thank you.


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