Poet Inspired By Spicy Tango Photographs


Through Harold’s Lens:

Through Harold’s Lens is moved to discover that our photographic series, Sensuality of the Tango, provided deep inspiration to a poet from India, Jensy George, to create Lady in Red, a passionate 3-part poem of love, dance and revenge.

Going by the rapier blog handle, The Girl with the Scorpion Tattoo, the Sensuality of the Tango helped give Jensy the vision to unleash a powerful portfolio of words beautifully woven into a deep carpet of emotion, romance and intrigue. The Devil, fangs, red stilettos, seduction… it’s all there.

“An erupting Mt. Vesuvius of the heart and loins. I perspired as I read Lady in Red, said photographer Harold Green. “Her twist at the end was brilliant”.

“As a photographer, one of of my goals is to try to emotionally engage a viewer with my images”, said Harold. “When that happens, bells sound in my heart. A switch is flipped. An electrical connection is made. A person’s heart, mind or soul has been touched”.

Through Harold’s Lens also thanks everyone whose hearts were stirred, panting with passion, from the multi-photo series, Sensuality of the Tango .

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  1. Congrats again Harold. Your blog has done so very well and touched a lot of people. Yea for all the new friends you have made through it. I am so happy your wonderful photos are “getting out there!” Did you know about Melinda’s book? …..”Living Off the Sea”…..you can see it on Amazon. Beautifully done. She did some of the photos and another gal did some of them….essays etc. about living on Chappy. Best to you and Rita. terry


    • Terry, thank you. I truly appreciate your nice comments. I have truly had a lot of fun creating and developing Through Harold’s Lens.

      I did not know that Melinda’s book was out. When I get a chance, I’ll go to Amazon.

      Our entire family is in emotional shock right now. I’m sure you heard about the terrible fire in Houston. Four firefighters were killed. One was our step grand-son Robert Garner.
      Bobby was a brave, dedicated, first-responder firefighter. He also served two tours of duty in the second Iraq war. Friday, he tragically lost his life, along with three other firefighters, trying to save people’s lives while fighting a large fire in Houston. This was the largest loss of firefighter’s lives in Houston history.
      On Wednesday, the city of Houston is holding a service for the lost firefighters and their families in Reliant Stadium. This is the very large stadium home for the MLB Houston Astros baseball team and the NFL Houston Texan football team. Firefighters from all over the country are coming. Friday will be the private family service.
      Tomorrow we are leaving from Mexico City to go to Houston for the week.
      Bobby was the only son of Cydnee Green, the wife of my son Harold Green. They also have three daughters, Liz, Nicole and Lauren and two grandchildren, Logan and Lorelei.
      Cydnee can be reached at: cydneeg@gmail.com and on Facebook. Harold can be reached at: g5captain@gmail.com and Facebook.

      When you’ve suffered the loss of a child,
      It may be comforting to know,
      There’s a special place in Heaven,
      Where all Gods Children go.
      It is a happy, peaceful place,
      Where no child ever cries,
      They are innocently content to be,
      A blessed Angel in your eyes.
      The one and only need they have,
      Is for you to understand,
      That only very special Children,
      Are placed in Gods loving hand.
      The Lord smiles down upon them,
      While in his tender care,
      As they patiently await the time,
      That you will meet them there.
      And though the time on Earth short lived,
      Please set your sorrow free,
      For one day in Gods Holy Land,
      Together you will share Eternity.

      Chris Woolnough


    • JT, a true love photography is to me. I enjoy doing it just for the pure love of doing it. And my blog, my son’s idea last September, is the icing on the cake. To try to bring my love and joy to others, and be able to communicate with wonderful folks all over the whole, is a pure treat!!! Thanks. Happy you enjoy Harold


  2. Your photos light a fire where so many should be lit… this one is a strong match.. great that your photography has inspired others to use their own gift, it just shows you have a gift as well…


  3. Yes Harold! 🙂 🙂 You’d ringed a bell in my heart too through those images 🙂 Though I’d always thought of writing dance in my posts, it was through those photographs, I really got an inspiration to go ahead 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂

    It was amazingly beautiful and worth holding on to each word while describing the sensuality of the spicy tango in my three part dance drama 🙂


    Thank you 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

    Jensy aka Kikibee

    The Girl With the Scorpion Tattoo 🙂


    • Jensy, thank you. It was a real fun creating this “homage to you” post. As I gathered what others had said, in the background your poetry was sending The Devil roaming around my room dressed as The Lady in Red.


    • Amos, I was totally surprised and very moved when I learned where Jensey got her inspiration from. It kind of blew me away. Thank you for all of your passionate words…words of feeling and deep emotion… from your heart, soul and pen.


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