“Maiden Mild”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.

You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Chill went up my spine
Spiritual uplifting notes
Muffled Mephistos stilled
Eyes teared
Inspiring notes.

Cello of passion
Timeless aria.

Across lonely road
Large leafy oak.

Brazilwood bow
Brushed slowly
Across strings.

Snow-white feather fingers
Glided slowly
Along neck.

Eyes caressed her cheeks
Her heart
Her soul
Lithe body swaying.

My tears flowed
Nikon rose to eye
Fog through rivulets.

Push. Click. Push. Click. Push Click.

Greatest hymn ever written

Her eyes glided open.

I whispered “thank you”
She whispered “thank you”

May you find an expression of love, calm and spiritual dimension
listening to the music from my morning.

43 responses

  1. Today I gazed into my future And Pondered on:
    The Why?
    The Who?
    The Ifs?

    Thank you to those who sent me Birthday Greetings – they are much appreciated indeed.

    Amazing to think that today I celebrated my 21st and my 50th Birthdays all rolled into one package deal.

    See you all on my 100th.

    And here I read this with the music playing in the background as you Harold and Team sent me this as my Birthday Gift to read..

    Yes I cried. And then I wept ………..


  2. This image is evocative of the beauty and love we all are capable of. I love that you & your skilled team have found this outlet of expression. The image…the music…the poetry…I feel the peace in this.


  3. You are so very very poetic. This was beauty, again.

    My Mother was Polish, suicided when I was six but oh never dies, the feeling that rises in my blood to read of her culture.

    Really poetic.


    • Noeleen, sad to hear about your Mother. I hope my photograph and words brought you some “wrap your arms yourself” comfort as your memory vein traveled back in time to Poland.


  4. Dear Harold: you are a musician photographer clicking a momentous peace in music. I love cello, but played piano. I just finished a novel about a cellist and a piano player, who fell in love when performing The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns when they were graduate students at William & Mary in Virginia, USA. Their story ends when they find each other again after many troubles, playing The Swan. Ave Maria was part of their repertoire in their concerts. I wrote the novel listening to this music and can imagine the feelings hearing her sound.


    • John, I, like you, filled my mind and senses with Ave Maria as I created “Maiden Mild. European Tour”. What is the title of your book? I thank you for the depth of your comments. Best, Harold


      • Hi Harold: thanks for reacting! The title is “Enchanting The Swan”. I am trying to get an agent to represent it. If it takes too long or if presentation appears a futile dream, I’ll publish it as en e-book. As to my blog, I am reconstructing it and hope to relaunch in September. Meanwhile I’m looking at yours for inspiration. – All the best, John


  5. I LOVE that SMILE on her face that tells she is lost in joy and dreams, at home deep in her music. I LOVe the intensity of Wang’s face. I am getting chills and started tearing up because this Ave M always ALWAYS reminds me of Mom. She introduced it to me when I was a little girl, and it always evokes feelings of her unsung sufferings. Gosh, I’m feeling inspired to write more on these feelings. Thanks so much. My son, a 6-ry-old drummer, is very sensitive to music. I’ll be sharing this youtube with him tmrw….he will be so moved.

    Love from our family,


    • Thank you Diana, I feel very good right now that I was able to convey my feeling of my moment in Gdansk with this musician to you. That I was able to engage your heart and soul.


    • Celine’s version is so beautiful. I listened to so many versions before choosing Wang. Everyday at high noon, the radio station in my home town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico plays Ave Maria


    • Celine’s version is so beautiful. I listened to so many versions before choosing Wang. Everyday at high noon, the radio station in my home town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico plays Ave Maria


  6. 1/. Your words of description, allowed me to hear the music, I could picture and hear it in my mind… wonderful words of description..
    2/. The photo just added more to the words you wrote… absolutely marvelous post..
    3/. She is gorgeous… what a smile, you can see how she is enjoying the playing and music…


    • Thank you bulldog. This was a true musical treat to be in the right place at the right time. She is a musician who was one with her cello…one with her musical selection. Such comfort. Such peace.


    • Hugs, thank you. I just, again, looked at the image, listened to the beautiful aria and read what I wrote. There is something about that hymn that brings tears to my eyes. But, I don’t want to analyze it. I just want to be able to hear the music and let my emotions flow.


    • Thank you my friend. That morning in Gdansk was quite an emotional hour for me. What a treat to be there. What a treat to hear, see and enjoy a musician so much in love with what she was doing and the musical aria she was playing.


  7. The setting she was playing in must have made this even more unbelievably beautiful. And I agree, this has to be the most beautiful hymn ever written.
    I heard this once when walking in to a church in Mexico, a little altar boy was singing it in that pure voice of a child with an incredible voice; that memory will always be with me.


    • Loved Poland, Terry. A country so war torn over so many hundreds of years, has rebuilt so much with so much beauty. This musician’s grandfather was probably in WWII. She has come forth with so much heart.


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