“Five Senses”


Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.
You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Through Harold lens:

Early dawn
Soft fog kissing Left Bank
Strolling narrow winding lane
Door to coffee roaster shop

Sense one kicks in

Rich coffee aroma waffs calm air
Light dew rests on tiny round table
My friend SLR Nikon takes chair two
“Bonjour!”. “Café?”, the white aproned waiter says
“Oui, s’il vous plaît. Dark French Roast
More caffeine than shot of expresso.

Sense two kicks in

Grrrrrrr. Grrrrrrr. Grrrrrrr.
Bouncing coffee beans

Sense three kicks in

Deep, brown, grounds steep in hot water
French press.
Atop silver tray
Atop raised L-shaped arm
“Merci”, I smile.

Sense four kicks in

Mesh plunger plunges
Steam & hot coffee pour
Paisley cup.

Sense five kicks in

Tongue twitches
Heavy full body flows across lips
Intense. Distinct. Bold. Smoky. Smooth.
Romantically rich, full feeling lingers on my palate.

First morning cup
Dear friend.


56 responses

  1. Enjoyed it very much… Despite not speaking French, I love the sound of the language… My father use to play all those songs so I grew up hearing all sorts of music. Thanks for sharing your favorite. Lor


  2. Love the bright colour and cropping on the photo and the words shaped into a story that does describe, as well as heighten my senses. Yes, dark French roast, that’s the one I usually get, but “pressed” would be even more intense.


  3. Hi, Harold. I’m puzzled why I find you on WordPress.com only now. I didn’t pay much attention but am now because I am starting my own revised blog site shortly. I know Charles Trenet from my student days in Paris. A lovely singer. Boum! I still have his 33 record somewhere in the house. I saw him perform in the Olympia in Paris, and Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Edit Piaff and so many others as well. I drank my morning coffee regularly at a café on the Boulevard St. Germain near the church of St. Germain des Prés at the Quartier Latin.

    Thanks for reviving some very nice memories. I listened to the video with the lyrics from the French Google site, and it was great fun to better understand the somewhat clouded sound. The funny thing is that when he proposed it to a singer (Suzy Solidor, rather famous at that time) she rejected it as she got ten songs a day about the sea. It was only after he performed it himself in the USA with the song title “Beyond the Sea” after World War II that it became very successful and only then it became part of the great songs in France. This information is drawn from Wikipedia France.
    As a Dutchman, the sea has as much enveloped my body as that of a Frenchman when he wrote it in the train traveling along the Méditerannée that I know so well myself, so I always felt very attracted by the song.



    • John, I am beautifully blown away by your emotional, memory-filled involvement with what I posted in my “Five Senses. European Tour”. I truly thank you. The engaging way you write, the amount and the research you did to explain a bit more of the depth of “Beyond the Sea’. I started reading on your blog this morning, I was so engulfed, I had to pull myself away to go to my blog and thank you. Your blog has just jumped to my top 10 list. Best, Harold


  4. Harold, the photo is just so lovely. I love the mix of visual and verbal art. I wonder how you’d like this alternative ending: My first morning cup with a dear friend.

    Feel free to delete!

    So happy to see you thriving.
    H Wfr


    • Hi Holistic, you are a dear, wonderfully sensitive woman. I truly thank you for your enjoyment of what I am trying to create on my blog. I thank you for the improved touch to my ending. I have changed my ending to your touch.


    • Hi dalo, thank you. The first sip of the first cup in the morning is a true treat. I apologize for responding so late to your nice comment but I have been on a journey to the USA sans Through Harold’s Lens.


  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate life; coffee in Paris stimulating all sense. A delightful post with a really lovely photo. Feel like I need some coffee – preferable in Paris.


    • Thank you munchow. A cup of coffee with my sidekick SLR Nikon and me is welcome anytime. Sorry about thanking you so late. I have been on a two week journey to the USA and out of touch with Through Harold’s Lens.


    • No need to be jealous Boom. Just sit down between my dear friend SLR Nikon and me and have a cup of hot java and a few laughs. We’ll even put on a bit more of Trenet’s music for you.


    • Good morning weggieboy, nothing quite like listening to a bit of Charles Trent’s classic rendition of La Mer as you join Nikon and me over a hot cup of French Roast outside a Paris cafe. May you now have a beautiful day.


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