“Her Prince”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.

You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Below the frigid, icy Arctic
Six hundred miles.

Warm golden summer evening unfolding

Prancing hooves
Weaving through one thousand acres
Manicured gardens
Flowers in full bloom
Colorful, gay.

Stallions pulling proudly
Glimmering black Royal Coach
Top hat driver snapping leather reins.

Grand entrance

Royal Palace
One thousand feet long
Russian Baroque

Catherine Palace
Empress Catherine II
Catherine the Great.

Handsome Prince
Pink-laced Princess.

Hooves halt
Kissing her soft, snow-white hand
Escorting Swan off Royal Coach.

Moving musical score
Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Ballet.

Prince lifts Princess
Into deep blue sky

Classical Russian Ballet evolving
Body patterns revealing deep romance.

Pure of heart
Love pledged
White Knight.

19 responses

    • A fairytale it was Hugs. Thank you. If you love dreams and romance, as I do, it was a surprise, moving moment. Fit one of my favorite sayings, “may all your fantasies become realities.”


    • utesmile, thank you. A moving moment. Moving music. Moving dance. Love dancing where the dancers engage each other. I’m not much of a fan of line dancing. Give me a woman to hold… a woman who holds me.


      • I agree with you, and I would love to dance close with a man…….. unfortunaley most men here don’t like dancing. My paretns dance lots of ballroom dances and as children we used to watch them whe nwe went to tea dances. I thought they were marvellous. My dad had a great hold….I used to dance with him sometimes as I learnt ballroom with 16. Shame I didn’t have a brother, or a dancing boyfriend then, hehe


      • Keep the bright lights on ute. With your positive outlook on life, somewhere, on some night, in some ballroom, a Prince of a guy will ask you to dance. And your evening will unfold for hours with whirls and swirls around a dance floor.


    • Hi Amos. It was quite a moving experience. Thank you. I just got back from a 3-week journey to the USA, so I am once again playing catch-up to your engaging stories. I’ll be back up to par in a bit. In the meantime, pop a cold one and we’ll chat down the road.


      • Hey Gertruida, slide another frosty pilsner glass, filled with beer with foam to the rim and floating ice chips, down the bar to my buddy Amos. And, keep the opener handy. In a few minutes I’ll be sliding through the dusty door. Will need a few icy pops. Quickly! Mouth full of cotton.


  1. You do such a wonderful job on”dancing” shots…well, all shots. But your dancing images are fantastic. Great eye Harold.


    • Thank you Terry. I love, love to dance. I love to watch other people dancing, cheek to cheek, hand to hand, legs and toes in sync. Enjoying the moment. No line dancing for me! I love the feel of embracing a woman in dance, and that woman embracing me in dance.


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