“First Mate”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Intense day at sea
Brilliant colors
Amalfi Coast.

Quaint fishing village

Weathered old bar
Foaming, frothy cold beer
Snuggled in palms.

Todays catch
Filleted, seasoned
Sizzling on grills.

Dropping & pulling net
Done for day.

Pier side
Saltwater lapped slips
Fishing rigs rocked in rhythm.

First Mate
Gnarled old hands

Looped, wrapped
Gripped shuttles.

Sheet bend knots
Double overhand knots.

Strengthened nets.

Another day
On the sea.

20 responses

    • Sorry my friend. Yes, been doing a bit of traveling and I don’t take my laptop when I go. So, whenever I return I have many things to sift through on my laptop. Drives lots of folks crazy… like I have dropped off the face of the earth. Also, whenever I travel, I spend very little time in Internet Cafes as I want to immense myself the the culture, people, beauty, history and food of the culture. My sidekick SLR Nikon demands it.


  1. Thanks to all of you who are enjoying my newest image “First Mate. European Tour” with a Like. I just put more fresh fish on the grill here at Cetra on the Amalfi Coast. The fillets have been seasoned and are sizzling. Drinks are all chilled in a cooler full of ice with a bit of Rock Salt on top. Sides are a surprise. Temp is 76. Light breeze. The sea is lapping on the shoreline. The full harvest moon is rising in the East in the black between two rugged mountains. Warm sand is crunching between toes. Lots of laughter, smiles and bright chatter going on. Friends of Through Harold’s Lens, bloggers meeting other bloggers from all over the world, for the first time. All of you are invited for dinner. Thanks. Harold and my sidekick SLR Nikon.


  2. Ooh Harold, I can see me relaxing on this day. The grill is sizzling, the conversations light, and the music in the background. Great post, I could picture it all


    • …. and soft sand is crunching between your toes, the sea is in a lapping rhythm to the music, and a full harvest moon slowly peaks through black between the mountain peaks. Thank you Sandy! Your blackened red snapper is ready.


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