“Wonderful Readership Award” Honors Through Harold’s Lens


United States
Martha’s Vineyard

Through Harold’s Lens:

Through Harold’s Lens is honored to have received the “Wonderful Team Member Readership Award” from http://utesmile.wordpress.com.

Many of you know this upbeat woman from London, UK as “Ute”. I have always called her “Miss Positive”.

Whatever is happening in the world, my life, the weather, you name it, I can always depend on “Miss Positive” to find the positive ray of light. Always with a sincere dose of passion.

Ute will Ballroom dance around your feelings and Tap Dance herself into your heart. If music swings your moods, turn to Ute. She’s always dining on healthy food, slipping into meditation, balancing her beautiful life, laughing, smiling, just living in that toasty, happy zone.

Need a touch of inspiration? As Ute says “Dream what you want to Dream; Go where you want to go”. Your first step is to take a peek at Ute blog “Ute smile”: http://utesmile.wordpress.com, her Facebook page “Ute Lark”: https://www.facebook.com/Utesmile?fref=ts or her other Facebook page “Lets be positive together”: https://www.facebook.com/letsbepositivetogether

I always start my day by walking through the cool, soft sand and casting my lure towards “Miss Positive”. Sets my tone. Makes me a happy fisherman.

9 responses

  1. Your words are so beautiful Harold and so fittingly deserved for a wonderful lady who is beautiful both inside and out. I hope one day you will both dance together to the sound of sweet music xx


    • Thank you on behalf of dear Ute who carries positive energy seeds in her heart and soul, dropping them on folks around the world. Years ago, it was Johnny Appleseed sprinkling the good taste of apples around our life. Today, in the 20th century, it is Ute with her basket full of positive energy seeds.


  2. Harold, what can I say, Miss Positive is speechles. You are such a beautiful soul, and have written it up wonderful, it touches my heart. I love this:
    Ute will Ballroom dance around your feelings and Tap Dance herself into your heart.
    One day I’ll visit you and we can have a dance together, Harold, that would be fantastic.
    Big tight hug and thank you again for your amazing words !
    Much Love Ute ☼


    • Dear Ute…you are so welcome. You deserve to be recognized for your constant uplifting thoughts to people around the world. When we finally meet, I shall instruct our orchestra to begin our Waltz with “The Green Leaves of Summer” and you and I will go ’round and ’round the dance floor under the swirling, twinkling lights.


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