“400 Years”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Proven valour.

The Evezones
Elite light infantry unit
Greek Army trained
Honor Guard.

Famous around the world
Men, hefty beefy
Solid muscle.

Slow motion
Synchronized movements
Changing of the Guard.

Parliament Building
Syntagma Square
Tomb of the unknown soldier.

Unique uniform
Recall Greek history.

98 feet of cotton cloth
400 pleats
400 years of Ottoman occupation.

Red leather, black pompons
Soles, 120 nails
Weight, 7 pounds.

Elite Presidential Guard
Προεδρική Φρουρά

2 responses

  1. Love how you crop your photos Harold, really draws our attention. We were in Athens earlier this year and I managed to take a photo of my wife standing next to one of these guards, it really brings home how tall they are 🙂


    • Thank you David. I battled how to crop this image for a few weeks. There is more here that what we see. Did it a number of ways. Sat back and looked. Got confused. Then narrowed in on what I thought was why I was posting the image. These guys are really huge. I think there is a minimum height requirement of about 6’2″ to even qualify to be on the Honor Guard.


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