“Dear Daddy.” Alcoholic: The Dark Side.


Your Town
Through Harold’s Lens:

Please start the music first, as you are enjoying the images and words.

You will receive the full sensual experience of this story.

Is it cold down there?

Are you asleep?
Can you breath?

It’s very quiet here.

A man just threw dirt
On top of your box.

Mommy says
It’s a coffin.

A man in a black suit
With a white collar
Has a black book

He’s reading strange words
In an creepy language.

Mommy says
It’s Latin.

A man with a weird horn
Is squeezing a big bag
He’s playing music.

Mommy says
It’s Amazing Grace.

Everybody is
Holding hands
Leaning on each other.

Other Mommies
Are whispering.

They are saying
Drank yourself death.

Other Daddies
Are talking.

They are saying
You were
A drunk.

Why Daddy?
Please help me Daddy
I love you Daddy!

Ring. Ring. Ring.
Alcoholics Anonymous.
May I help you?”

“May name is Jason.
I’m an alcoholic.”

17 responses

    • Thank you sharmasandhya. I truly appreciate being able to touch another human’s heart with my creative efforts. As I mentally positioned myself, as a five year old little boy at his Dad’s funeral, to write “Dear Daddy”, I had tears rolling down my face and lightly splashing on my keyboard. An emotional moment.


  1. Quelle tristesse, j’avais un père alcoolique et ça aurait très bien pu arriver aussi… Merci pour ce partage,si ça a pu sensibiliser les gens, ce sera toujours ça de gagner, merci et bon mardi 🙂


  2. Gosh that got the tears flowing from my heart.
    This one in particular.
    I dropped by with a little gift for you.
    It’s a thank you gift for following my blog for so long!
    Please accept it in appreciation also of the work you are doing here, to pull tears from hearts, and bring light to the “behind the scenes” of alcoholism.
    Kia ora,


    • Thank you WilderSoul. First for your beautiful gift. Second for telling me of your sad enjoyment of my Post “Dear Daddy. The Alcoholic: Dark Side.” I had tears flowing over my cheekbones also as I was writing it. So sad. A little boy without his Daddy for the rat of his life because of his Daddy’s lack of willpower. May you enjoy a warm, wonderful holiday season.


      • You are most welcome! There can be some very sad reasons for the overuse of alcohol. It is always sad when the little one’s suffer for it. WIshing you warmth and wonder also!
        Anasera a.k.a WilderSoul


    • Thank you Arjun. Admitting one has a problem. Ending denial. Seeking help. My sad, little boy tells me all I need to know about folks who have the disease of alcohol. From a Daddy lost… birthdays missed… dates for ballgames lost… the experience of how to work a stick shift gone… the joy of a graduation… the dancing at a wedding… the birth of a grandchild…holding little hands on a walk through the park…a bedtime story…a hug by a campfire…a kiss goodnight. All this gone. Trashed. My friends who are hooked on vodka. What are they thinking? Just vodka! Just “It makes me feel good?”


    • Thank you dear Ute. May my sad, terrified little boy nudge folks who have an issue with the disease of alcohol to seek help before all that they love, cherish and need is totally destroyed.


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