“A Great Tree Has Fallen”


South Africa
Through Harold’s Lens:

On this day
When the great man is laid to rest
May the famous baobab tree
South Africa’s “Tree of Life”
Spring forth
Nelson Mandela.

10 responses

  1. Hi Harold: nice pic! Baobab trees come in many shapes and forms, freaky ones like the one on your photograph, more palatable when they are full of leaves, but in many ways very different. Nelson was one species by himself: unrepeatable. Sub-Saharan Africa has been mostly led by males, and they have made a spectacular mess of it, except when Nelson Mandela entered the scene. Even he had trouble getting the nation to shape up (aids and crime). The next Mandela should be a woman. Liberia tried, but went for the “handouts”man next. The end of misery is not in sight. Like the unwieldy Baobab trees will keep growing and photographed as Africa’s symbol of disunity.


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