“Soft Side Of Love”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Small Coptic Orthodox Church
Slowly with reference
Little boy
Pass through holy

Idolizing eyes look up
Into proud eyes

Aging slim legs
Young tiny feet

Down long hallowed carpet.

Kneeling together
Deep prayer.

Aged dark wooden pew
Small family
Shufflles sideways.

Not alone
The Father
The Son
The Holy Spirit.

Alone moment
Quiet moment.

Crinkled hands
Young fingers

Quietly arise.

Candles aglow

Little hand
Guided by
Wilted hand
Touch flame to flame.

Deep thought
Rolling tears.

Connected by blood
Connected by love.

Husband remembered
Grandfather honored.

The soft side of love.

9 responses

  1. I LOVE this, Harold. Not only the contrast between age and youth, love and loss, support and longing…but also the use of light and shade. The words and the picture depicts the power of light over darkness, balancing future hopes against past despair. And the child, the future, inextricably linked to the old woman, the Mother of all the tomorrows to come. Painted as only you can. Thank you…


    • Thank you my dear friend for your very kind words. It seems that, around the world, we always seem to have more love, hope, thought and reflection at this time of the year. This image seems to capture for me many of my feelings. The past, The present. The future.


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