“Passionate Fan”


Through Harold’s Lens:

“Oh my God!”
“Oh my God!”
“Oh my God”

The teen girl screams.

Could it be?

Hands tremble
Fingers twitch
Heart pounds.

Knees knock
Pores sweat
Eyes beetle.

Love his movies
Saw every one
Five times.

Lawrence of Arabia
Doctor Zhivago
Funny Girl.

Academy Award
Golden Globe
Best Actor.

“Oh my God!”
Sees me.

“Oh my God!”
Smiles at me.

“Oh my God!”
Winks at me.

“Oh my God!”
Walks to me.

Oh no!
Not in purse.


I ha-ha-ha-have
With you?”

His hands
My shoulder.

Never wash my sweater.

“Oh my God!”
Into my eyes
Into his eyes

Click. Click. Click.


Omar Sharif


“Oh my God!”

13 responses

  1. so you’ve been to Jordan apparently, where I live… tourists usually enjoy the country, I hope you had fun and enjoyed your staying here.. your poems are fantastic, I love how you describe everything around, this is very creative. 🙂


    • Ahmed, I loved Jordan. I loved the people and your culture. Jordan was my most favorite country to visit in the mideast. I could spend days in Wadi Rum. Thank you for your nice comments. Our creative team is very happy that you enjoy what we are trying to do. I’m getting ready to explore your blog.


    • Thanks Kavi. May you have a very healthy and happy New Year also. Please keep warm up there. T’was fun to drop back to my teen days and remember my zany sisters googling and dreaming over some celebrity idol of the moment. But, how well I remember photographing this image and how this man actually did remind me of Omar Sharif. I sure many my young followers of Through Harold’s Lens, including you, had to Google Omar Sharif to see who he is.


    • Thank you Terry. As I look back on my many images over the years and it is fun to see how my style has evolved. It was not on purpose. It was just me slowly moving into something that I felt very comfortable with. And, being a former Creative Director in my advertising Agency, I still love to create and write.


    • Terry, thank you. I saw this handsome man from about 30′ away and could not wait to capture him. We did not speak the same language but I easily communicated that I would love to photograph him. I felt he was honored. A wonderful moment.


    • I understand Ute. I just had to take my mind back a bit. Well more than a bit, to when I was a teenager watching my young teen sisters explode at the site of their continually changing celebrity heroes.


    • Amos, Thank you. Thought you might enjoy an image from a country a bit north of you. I had lots of fun imaging what it must be like for a young teenager to accidentally run face to face into her celebrity idol. The fun you and I have with our imaginations.


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