“Little Guys & I”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Seven little guys
Kicking ball
In Park.

Sat down
Mr. SLR Nikon had fun.

Little guys stopped
Came over
Quizzical look.

Touched fingers
High fives
Bumped fists.

Little guys watched Mr. SLR
Showed photos
Little guys laughed.

Loaned Mr. SLR
Little guys shot.

We laughed together.

Seven small kids
Two languages
Shared a moment
Had fun.

How beautiful
Our world can be.

9 responses

  1. With all the love in the world who would think there was room for hatred, killing or intense dislike and ill will amongst people. Love the way you get round and try to avoid it.


    • I totally agree Hugs. It sure is one fine wonderful moment, for all involved, when this type of moment happens. I would love for others to experience these types of moments, instead of fighting and war.


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