Egypt.“Angel In The Sand”


Through Harold’s Lens:

Waves of desert sand
Weaving around me
Primary School
Before opening bell.

Hundreds of angels
Laughing & playing
Swirls of pink & purple & blue.

School uniforms you know

Pig tails & flowers & bows
Missing toofies
Teeny ear rings
Tiny headbands
Bridging swirling hair.

Giggling, running,
Jumping, sliding
Swinging, singing.

Smiling with love
Mr.. SLR Nikon frozen
Mr. Pen Pal poised.

Egypt’s future
Rounds the corner.


Suspended awe!
Look at those eyes!
Pools of liquid chocolate!

“Please stand still
My little Princess”.

Oh my!
How beautiful!

Eyes for my heart
Eyes for my lens
Eyes for my Nikon
Eyes for my Mac.

Eyes for my world
Eyes for Through Harold’s Lens.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are gray”


21 responses

  1. The picture grabbed my eyes right away. She is really beautiful and I like how the wave played a bit with her hair. Beautiful shot as well as beautiful words. I can’t help but be your fans. Haha ..

    Hope I’ll also get the chance to see another part of the world, knowing their cultures, seeing what they do, and would be glad if I can give a little help. Finally, it’ll be great if I can share the experiences as well.

    Anyway, looking forward for another post of yours.


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