Through Harold’s Lens:

Tranquility embraced her space
Dressed in flowing green silk
Wearing a contagious smile
Delicate hands
Held each other
In tight embrace.

Tip of sable hair
Gently touched
Palettes of beauty.


Asian history
Thousands of years
Personal history
A lifetime.

Her dreams

Narrated a story
Narrated a love
Narrated a heart.

Her hand-painted fan.

17 responses

  1. The thing I like most in this photo is the delicate fingers holding the fan. Not all that young any more, they have known love and loss. And yet, despite life, they hold a symbol of joy and beauty. The other fingers are adorned with rings, but slightly out of focus – which emphasises the importance of preserving the Self while belonging to the Other. A magical, beautiful picture that tells a story. The fan, itself, becomes the wings those hands need to be alive. Thank you, Harold, for making me look, and look again.


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