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  1. Harold, this is a wonderful image. I love the backdrop of colorful umbrellas against the woman with her bright green blouse. There is absolutely no doubt where you are with all this context. Love it.


    • I agree Angeline M. When I first arrived on the scene, she was not there, but, I was captivated by the image of a wall of hand-painted umbrellas. Then the artist walked in her studio. I did not move. She sat down to work, and bingo, the green blouse popped it off the page.


    • Thank you imagesbytdashfield. When I first saw the wall of hand-painted umbrellas, I got ready to snap. Then the artist walked back in a looked at her wall. I stood perfectly still. Not moving a muscle. Then she sat down on her worktable, and I went bananas, photographically speaking.


    • Thanks YellowCable. That’s what grabbed my eye in the first place.When I first started doing my Post Production on this image, I cropped a version where the artist was not in the image. But, the human interest went away.


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