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      • Honey, my hubs is a Vietnam Vet. That country took his soul and destroyed it. His mind too. If I did not have God in my heart and my life, my burden would be so heavy, I would not be able to move. I pray for healing for this country as well as for this world. This world needs LOVE, Harold. Desperately. When I see the suffering, I weep. This is why it is so important for me to surround myself with beauty and to share it with the world. (((HUGS))) Amy


      • Bless you. I need all the Love and Prayer I can get. The older he gets the worse he seems to be sinking into fear. And there is nothing I can do except to support him emotionally and love him in a way that does not frighten him. I could write another book on this subject. What war does to a human soul is horrendous. Thank you, Harold!!! You are indeed a bright light in my life! (((HUGS)) Amy


    • Thank you Hugs. I too love B&W. Doing more of it. I still do not know if her expression was caused by her lack of selling fruit, just having a bad day, not liking what she was doing to feed her children or my taking her photograph. I got language issues here.


      • The picture really does tell a story…depending on how different individuals perceive it. For me, her expression has to do with discontentment, probably due to a lack of sales. I hope she did sell something that day and hopefully walked home with a smile.


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