“Fly Fishing In The Mountains”


United States
Through Harold’s Lens:

Loaded fly rod in hand

Teasing trout
Dangling bait
Chasing tail
Morning, noon and night.

Moist creeks
Wandering streams
Soft shorelines
Full backing of

Banks of breeding bunnies
Tools in hand
For libido of man.

Lay down
Set the hook
Strip the line
Unload the rod.

Guiding N.O.W.
Steinem, Friedan, Fonda
No catch
Dry fly.

Playboy Mansion dam
Steelhead, Hog Sucker, Southern Playfish
Bridle Shiner, Cutthroat, Killifish
Sleeper, Snook, Chiselmouth
Even Logperch and Paddlefish.

Ego on top of many mountains?
Many egos wearing mountains?

A little boy with grown up toys?
Little toys with a grown up boy?

Riding rockets to the moon.

Aging fisherman
From warm waters
April nine
Nineteen twenty six.

Eighty-eight year journey
Eternal climb up mountains of lust
Traversing curving trails
Back to warm home.

Happy Birthday Hugh!

6 responses

  1. Wily old fisherman
    Patient till the end
    Setting the bait
    Waiting for the rod to bend
    And when at last the line tugs taught
    He finds out
    He’s caught naught…

    I smiled at this one, Harold! Clever!!! Well done..


    • Thanks Amos. One has to really understand fly fishing terminology to totally understand this one. It took me a bit of time to write and re-write. It so tongue in cheek, and with so many double entendres, I felt like I was writing a script for a James Bond movie. You are so right in your comment. Man chases woman until he has been caught.


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