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    • Thank you Amy. And, thanks to the beautiful sunsets that we all experience around our beautiful world. Beautiful sunsets provide us all with colors, shadows, relaxation and reflection. Kind of like roses blooming in an explosion of color.

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      • WE do live in a beautiful world, and it is people like you and like me who keep presenting Beauty! This is the Real Truth! NOT the news! Not the violence or the pain that is so rampant in this world. IF we keep focusing on that Beauty that Beauty will become the NORM for this world. LOVE will conquer all!!! Wowza!! Look what you pulled out of me!!! I am on the Mountain again shouting LOVE!!! (((HUGS))) Harold!!! xx

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      • That they are. I am with them right now, in fact, and I see new growth. Oh, Harold, these long winter months are just too hard on me. I really need to live in a warm climate … for now, I am where I am. We go from there. (smile) Love, Amy

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