Cambodia. “Portrait Of Pain”


Through Harold’s Lens:

What does this little boy know?



The unknown?

What does this little boy miss?


Holding hands?


Little boy
War-torn concrete jungles
Kicking stones
Kicking dust
Flicking bugs.

Cry from his deep?

One only
Speaks Cambodian
One only
Speaks English.

I’ll never know.

32 responses

  1. Whew! A powerful portrait of this little boy, Harold. I’ve come to expect no less from you, which makes each visit to your blog one of the most worthwhile stops of my day.


  2. I am crying. Seriously crying. This little boy and your words took my heart and twisted and I heard it cry, “OH GOD! Stop these horrors in this world! Little boys don’t deserve to suffer so!” Wow. I am really emotional right now, Harold. xx Amy


      • Actually, Harold, I weep in frustration and from love of my heart, seeing how this family treats my husband, not allowing him into their lives mainly because of who he is married to (me) and because he will not conform to their demands. He still hasn’t learned to let go of hope that one day they will change their minds. I have let go a long time ago, and it feels so good. But to see every year what my husband goes through is awful. When will people just accept others for who they are and not what they want them to be? That is the sadness I carry in my heart, Harold. The lost look in this little boy’s eyes resembles my husband’s eyes. He doesn’t know either, why his own flesh and blood will just not stop all this nonsense and be family again. IMO, he is better off without them.


      • Yes, I know, Harold, yet that doesn’t mean you have to keep them in your life. I have literally set myself free by walking away from not only my family but my hubs’ as well. I am gaining friends that I consider to be family. Life is good when you make the choices to make it that way. (smile) Love, Amy


      • I’ve never looked back either, Harold. I just arrived on a day that I said this is BS, and I will not be treated like this. I just walked away. And those that I do stay in contact with, I see the dysfunction and I see the manipulation and I say, “Uh uh no you don’t not with me.” I really think hubs finally and I mean finally is on the page, “I am living my life with MY FAMILY, and not those people who are not my family.” And so it is. And one more HAPPY HEART is added to those whose hearts beat to HAPPINESS. Oh for the JOY!!! xx


      • Pardon me for this, but I think, you and your “Hub” should just move on with life and never look back. Forget all that family manipulation stuff. I’ve been through that also. I have a much more peaceful life now without it. And I for sure don’t miss it. Let yourselves just unfold into life, like your roses, and you will each discover more friends, love and interests in life than you know what to do with.


      • Harold, this conversation must be magic because just this very day, something “clicked” with hubs. He has been saying “I feel so happy” now for hours which is a wow. And me, just taking a shower tonight thinking, gee, even those I still do stay in contact with, I really don’t want to. Yep, even with those, I am walking. It just isn’t worth it, Harold. My life as it is now, none of my family are even involved in, nor do I get any kind of recognition for what I am doing. I have more friends through WP now, that I deem as family, for it is they who respect me, who encourage me, who look at me as a wonderful person in all I represent. Harold, I never got that from family. And to get it as I am now, is such a cherished Gift, that at times it brings tears to my eyes. I shall never take for granted those who are in my life now. I am coming to know what it feels like to be embraced for me and loved for it. Now, that, nothing is comparable to it. It is a treasure beyond measure and I have it. With Love and (((HUGS))), Harold, Amy


      • I wish you did, Harold. You are such a treasure of a man. The area we live in is so dull people wise. Closed and cold and angry. One of my aspects of who I am, I anchor “light” or if you don’t understand that, just by being me, I lighten the consciousness state of being around me. It has been a tough “assignment”. Something is telling me that destiny if you will, is about to show Herself to give us an opporunity to live in a higher energy geographical area. Now, that, Harold, would be a vacation that I would have for the rest of my life. I’m calling it a night. It’s been a long day. This conversation has been so special, and I am truly touched of heart that we have spoken as we have. Bless you, my friend. Your heart is a big one. Take care of it!! Love, Amy


      • The hugs and log are already stating to come to you and Hubs. I just received tho post re our conversation:

        Cynthia Guenther Richardson

        I agree with your last comment. Thank you again, Harold, for what you see and what you show us. Blessings.


  3. What eyes! Lots of emotion in this image Harold. The shadow over his face fits the expression and the words you have chosen to go with the photo. I’m glad you have shown this precious one to us.


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