San Miguel de Allende
Through Harold’s Lens:
Nikon D800E, 55mm
1/15, f/16, ISO 200
Sculpture by Rita Green

Put on your dancin’ shoes or high heel sneakers. Then start the music as you enjoy the image.
You’ll receive the full sensual experience. And, you’ll be hummin’ the melody all day.

8 responses

    • Oh Terry, thanks. I had to listen to the tune “Midnight in Moscow” about five times last night. It got hung up in my dreams and so I played it again this morning. The silhouette image was taken on our rooftop. Home of Stan’s famous quote, “Doc and his miserable band”.


    • Yes, Miss Positive, the sky was neat and the sculpture made for a fun silhouette. Then adding a dash of the music “Midnight in Moscow” and it became a fun evening to post on Through Harold’s Lens.


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