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      • The last two weeks, Harold, have been brutal. Yup. I just looked in the mirror today and saw a very exhausted woman. Things seem to be settling down so I can rest and rescue my sunken eyes. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy


      • I always try to look in the mirror, analyze, and then often have to say to myself “take care of our precious self. Harold”. I call it my reality check.


      • Yup. The story written on my face tells it all. Age no longer hides things as once youth did. Finally things are slowing down, and I can breathe once more. I call these periods energy shifts, and oh yes, they are very real and oh yes I do feel them. Yet afterward, it is like a higher frequency of the Love Wave (as I coin it) is palatable. I feel solid Peace today, Harold. In fact, after hubs’ colonoscopy today (no thank you for me!) the doctor couldn’t stop shaking my hand. It got to be funny. Three times, maybe four? He kept smiling, looking at me, extending his hand, shaking my hand. The last time I felt his palm sweating as if he is asking himself WHY he is doing this. I just ooze PEACE today, Harold. Those around me feel it. [GRIN] Ahhhhhhhh……..It was as though this doctor couldn’t help but want to touch me, feeling that Peace. He’s probably thinking all day today what got into him. *giggle* (((HUGS))) Amy … the Peace Maker


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