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  1. This is an awesome photo! I will check out your the rest of your work! Thank you for liking my “about the artist” section. I thought it was funny, but you are the first one to like it, so I appreciate it greatly! Hope you will drop by again!


  2. Well done! This photo reminds me of writing a good story – if you get the timing right, a good story becomes a great story. Add to that the little – almost unnoticed – wick that started the explosion, still in the picture. In a story, the beginning must tie in with the end result and the climax must be as explosive as possible. This photo should be seen by every writer – and should be part of every writing course. It says so much…in fact, it tells the story of many stories, Thanks, Harold!


    • A wonderful comment Amos. My photo viewed from the perspective of a writer. Amazing! Never would have thought of this. How much your exploratory depth brings into my life. Thank you! A “tip to the lip” to you.


  3. Fantastic shot. How’d you work the timing on this? I’ve found it difficult to get cannon shots. I’m assuming you just held down the shutter release and rapid-fired it.


    • Thanks Stu. After I got my exposure set, a set my camera for rapid fire, which is maximum 10 fps, and started shooting just before he hit the wick. I can’t believe I actually got the wick in mid air.


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