“Sole Brothers”

_HMG4539United States
Martha’s Vineyard

Through Harold’s Lens:

Left: “Well, Right. He’s left us on the sand”.
Right: “Right”. “But, this Lambert’s Cove Beach is neat”.

Over the large dune
The pale, pasty Vineyard newbie went
Slathered in sunscreen
Schlepping stuff.

Left: “Got his New York Times. Maureen Dowd fan.
Right: “Yeah. And a low rider beach chair”.
Left: “Check the cheap Chilmark Flea Market beach towel”.
Right: “Look at that tattered t-shirt with the Black Dog on it”.
Left: “And those baggy Brickman’s trunks”.
Right: “Oh no. His Dad’s floppy Tilly hat”.
Left: “This is really embarrassing. A newbie all Vineyarded out like that”.
Right: “Check out his cooler. Goodies in there”.
Left: “Yes! Yes!. Mini-six pack of Island brewed Offshore Ale”.
Right: “Lobster roll from Larsen’s Fish Market”.
Left: “Fresh picked fruit from the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market”.
Right: “Warm Scottish Bakehouse scones”.
Left: “A box of Chilmark Chocolates”.
Right: “Does he want to take Adrianne on a trip?”
Left: “Don’t know. We saw him in Bunch of Grapes buying that David McCullough book ‘The Greatest Journey. Americans in Paris’ ”.
Right: “Look his ear buds are in”.
Left: “IPod jamming to Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish?”.
Right: “Maybe Carly Simon”.
Left: “I’m sweating here in the sun”.
Right: “Can’t wait to get back to the old white house”.
Left: “Hey! No politics!”

From Harold’s Photography Series on Martha’s Vineyard: “Intimacy of Island Life“

2 responses

    • Thanks Terry. T’was inspired by a blog follower, Adrianne Ryan, who is on Martha’s Vineyard right now. Do you remember this shot? I showed it at one of the mid day Alison Shaw sessions. Above the word “shoe”, is a small white rock. Alison’s comment was “I should have taken the rock out”. I replied, “how do you do that?” A big laugh erupted in the room. All I was thinking was post production. She was thinking pre-shot. A funny moment I will always remember.


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