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    • Terry, thank you. This year I am turning Father’s Day into “Father’s Week”, as I go to Houston to see my son Harold and my daughter Courtney, then to New York City for a week at photographer Peter Turnley’s Photography Workshop with my son Harold. A Dad can’t ask for more than that.


  1. The talent – or art – to tell a story with a single picture, is a rare and precious gift. This photo makes me wonder where to? From where? Who’s on board? Why are they leaving? From where? Is it the headlong flight of two lovers, or maybe the escape from a deserted island prison? I can stare at this photo and smile at the many stories you captured here, Harold. Thanks…


    • Amos, thank you. A vivid imagination creates tales from the sea. Sometimes dipping into the dark of the depths… sometimes riding sunshine’s sparkle on the blue crests… other times following the white trails of the moon beams into the black.


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