“Smooth Jazz”

United States
New York City
Spanish Harlem

Peter Turnley “Street Photography” Workshop
Through Harold’s Lens.

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  1. Harold, I like this portrait. Love his expression and the car. Some time soon we need to get together. I’d like to hear more about the workshop.

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  2. Harold that is such a beautiful photo! Have you had a ball taking the workshop? And with your son too? This makes me want to consider a workshop with this guy! You are so good! Melinda

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    • Hi Melinda. This workshop was a dream come true. All it is cracked up to be and so much more. Peter Turnley is one gifted man. And to ride the journey with my son Harold by my side. Wow!


  3. Harold
    Thrilled to see this new work on your blog today!!!! Was thinking of you off to NY and looking forward to hearing about the workshop etc. This is definitely a “cool like jazz” shot. Agree with Amos’s comments on the expression. Am also impressed by the silky look of his jacket, pants, the car interior etc. Can’t wait to hear about your experience with your son. Keep “living the adventure”. I know you will.

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    • Thank you dear Terry. Yes, the adventure rolled on. Very up close, personal and emotional. Street Photography with Peter Turnley was so emotional I was often brought to tears. Then a dream journey one-on-one with my son brought out the flood gates and so much more. Chat later. Still unpacking.


    • David, thanks. He was quite a character in Spanish Harlem. Loved beautiful weather in the evening. Time to roll the top down on his highly polished sports car. Put on the finest tailored threads. Pump up the wonderful jazz on his sound system and cruise the blocks. Knees touching the steering wheel.Hands playing an air flute. I learned he was famous in the neighborhood for this.


  4. It’s in the expression on his face. “I’m here. I’m me. I made it. And my smile tells you I know stuff you don’t.” Slightly superior, definitely humorous, a tinge of cynicism. But not shy or uncertain – a man who’ll tell you a yarn to make your toes curl. And no, he isn’t as innocent as he looks – there’s mischief hiding behind that look. A picture painting a thousand words, indeed. Well done, Harold!

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    • Amos, I just love to see your writer’s mind unraveling and creating a fascinating story from just one “click” from my camera. What an amazing talent you have. Having been gone for two weeks to a Street Photography Workshop in NYC, I have a vast portfolio of unread “Amos Stories” to dip into. A treasure chest. Toasty fire rising from the logs. Slipping deeply into my worn, crushed leather chair. A wee dram of Chivias, and I am off.


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