“Midnight In Moscow”

United States
New York City
Upper West Side

Peter Turnley “Street Photography” Workshop
Through Harold’s Lens

Put on your dancin’ shoes or high heel sneakers. Then start the music as you enjoy the image.
You’ll receive the full sensual experience. And, you’ll be hummin’ the melody all day.

6 responses

    • Hi Bruce. Thank you. Happy you are enjoying. If you’ve never heard the jazz piece by Kenny Ball, “Midnight In Moscow”, pull it up, and then study my photograph. Then you’ll know how I was feeling as I perched on the street in front of this talented musician. See my comment below.


  1. Interesting shot! Was he any good? I like black and white not only because it lends a different feel to the picture, it’s resolution is always better than that of color shots… Well done!

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    • Thank you. He was fabulous. So full of soul and feeling. I could hear him from around the corner. My ears perked up. He was playing one of my favorite jazz pieces “Midnight In Moscow”, thus the title. $10. went into his hat in appreciation of his wonderful music.


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