“Last Trip To Las Vegas”

_HMG9525United States
New York City
Greenwich Village

Peter Turnley “Street Photography” Workshop
Through Harold’s Lens.

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  1. Absolutely NOT a happy face, so scenario number 2 is out. Now don’t take offense by what I am about to say. Just from the look about him, I don’t think he could care a fig about his wife. So my story to weave, he just lost a LOT of money in Vegas and he is PISSED. There you go! And he is already scheming how to get that money back and more to boot! Hence his glasses on the top of his face as he is in deep concentration scheming how to get back that money. Yup. This man is all about money. Not about family. No offense taken, being you are a man and all? (((HUGS)) Amy

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      • High 5, Harold!!! This is what LIFE does …. it allows one to SEE if that one is AWAKE enough to SEE. LOL I just Love you too, Harold!! FYI …. I know I am following your daughter-in-law, but I don’t see her in my reader. I don’t know if you saw my rant, but I am seriously fed up with how so many of us are treated by WP. Anywho …. so glad YOU are not offended by my story! GRIN! I honestly didn’t think you would be. LOL (((HUGS))) Amy

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      • Your turn. Just how do you think he is going to get back his money? 1. Steal from the corporate office he works for? 2. Hock and sell some of his wife’s jewelry? 3. Go back to Vegas? 4. Hire someone to kill his wife, make it look like an accident, and collect on the insurance? 🙂

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      • Oh he WILL get his money back. The hell with Vegas unless he knows how to scam the game. At the office, he’s going to cook the books and stuff the difference in a foreign bank account. Skip stealing his wife’s jewelry. He doesn’t have any social skills to handle all the crap in his household. His backdoor is killing his wife. If he kills his wife, that’s life in prison. If he gets caught for cooking the books it is only a few years in prison. And since he has spread his money all over the world, he still has it when it gets out. Then he can just dump his wife, walk away and live life with some sweet young honey in Paris.


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