“What’s a Kindle?”


United States
New York City
Upper West Side

Peter Turnley “Street Photography” Workshop
Through Harold’s Lens.

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    • The nubble feel of leather on your fingers as you hold a book and absorb yourself in stories and tales from long ago… the smell of ink and newsprint as you crunch and fold Sunday’s stories of the day… the pondering and thought as you put an ink pen to personal stationery thanking a dear friend for a delicious dinner and evening . It this all lost to mankind in the name of technological improvements?


    • The love the joy Amy of holding the cover of a book and flipping the pages, or the feel of newsprint on my hands as I read the daily newspaper. Unfortunately, we do not see much of that anymore.


      • I know, Harold. I just went to our local library looking for books that hold information of places of interest that I could go to for photography. Do you know they did not have one book, none? Lots on Niagara Falls, but I was looking for places here as in parks, etc, that I could read in order to get ideas to plan for photo shoots. I also was told by someone who worked in this library to use the internet to get my information. How sad is that? I LIKE to hold books in my hands. I LIKE paper. I LOVE the feel and smell of books! And slow but sure those books are decreasing. It’s awful, Harold. (((HUGS))) Amy

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